• A tradition of reliability and robustness to ensure maximum precision and power.

    Laboratory handpieces
    • Speed up to 22.000 rpm
    • Running on self-regulating ball bearings
    • Available with different connections: flexible, american and duplex

    Hammer handpieces
    • The whole structure is made of metal
    • Small size: Ø 19,5 mm
    • Adjustable power by a knurled ring-nut

    Laboratory handpieces

    Max rotating speed

    22.000 r.p.m.

    Max torque transmittable

    4,9 Nem

    Dimensions (cod. 010000)

    154mm x 17mm (LxD)

    Weight (cod. 010000)

    110 gr
    *(The above specifications are typical values subject to tolerance)  

    Hammer handpieces

    Max rotating speed

    4.000 r.p.m.

    Max number of strokes transmittable

    4.000 strokes/min

    Noise level 



    <2,5 m/s

    Attachment to transmission shaft

    Slip/duplex type

    Dimensions (cod. 020650)

    118,5mm x19,5mm (LxD)

    Dimensioni (cod. 020700)

    204,5mm x19,5mm (LxD)

    Weight (cod. 020650)

    95 gr

    Weight (cod. 020700)

    145 gr

    Compression load HM20

    1.000 gr

    Compression load SH20

    500 gr
    *(The above specifications are typical values subject to tolerance)  
  • Periodically loosen the front knurled ringnut to bare the collet locking system.
    Move the collet locking lever to the open position B and blow a strong air jet into the collet.

    Self-lubricating handpieces. Do not lubricate.

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About Us

FARO S.p.A., founded in 1948 by Osvaldo Favonio, designs and produces equipment for the manufacturer of dental units, dental cabinets and dental laboratories. In over 5,000 square meters of the production plant in Ornago (MB), both the production and the design and research & development take place. 


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