Dental Scaler Poliscaler

  • Manageability and versatility

    Manageable and versatile scaler, with adjustable frequency and high efficiency. It is supplied as standard
    with box for the sterilization of the handpiece, dynamometric key and 3 standard tips.
    • Light and manageable thanks to the small dimensions
    • Available in the unit version with control board and in the stand alone version with P-Mobile control box
    Poliscaler Unit-version
    scaler with cable, sterilizable box, electronic control, key and 3 tips.

    Poliscaler stand alone version
    scaler with cable and control box, sterilizable box, key and 3 tips.
    Water operating pressure from 1 to 5 bar

    Water consume

    100 ÷ 120 cc./min

     Water temperature                              

    as network

    Power supply voltage                   

    24 Vac – 50/60 Hz


    41 g
    *(The above specifications are typical values subject to tolerance)  
  • Cleaning and maintenance 
    • Clean the handpiece together with the tip under running water or with an alcohol-based solution.
    • Clean the cable with a normal non-abrasive detergent or with an alcohol-based solution.
    • Dry the connector with compressed air before reassembling the handpiece.
    • Clean the torque wrench with a damp cloth and an alcohol-based solution.

    • Remove the handpiece from the cable and insert it into the appropriate place in the sterilization box.
    • Remove the tip with the tip holder and insert it into the appropriate place in the sterilization box.
    • Sterilize the entire box complete with lid at 135°

    If dropped, the handpiece and tip could be damaged. If the tips are damaged, replace them with original FARO tips.

    Do not wash the handpiece in ultrasonic cleaning equipment. Do not use chemical solvents or abrasive detergents.

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