Dental Syringe SYR3

  • Design and ergonomics
    SYR 3 is the 3 functions syringe defined by essential and ergonomic design and provided with metal housing resistant to sterilization.
    • Metal housing with twist-off nozzle, autoclavable at 121 °C/135 °C
    • Two metal nozzles: a straight one and an angled one
    • It can be detached from the power cord by unscrewing the connecting ring

    Air delivery pressure 4 bar

    Water delivery pressure  

    2 bar

    Air flow                                                

    10 l/min

    Water flow    

    80 ÷ 100 ml/min

    Shell and nozzle sterilizable at                              


    Blue tube for passage of                  


    Green tube for passage of



    100 g
    *(The above specifications are typical values subject to tolerance)  
  • Cleaning and sterilization of outer casing and nozzle
    To sterilize outer casing and nozzle in accordance with official pharmacopoeia, at 121°C (249,8°F) or 135°C (275°F), proceed as follows:
    • Remove outer casing from syringe body and clean under running water or with an alcohol-based solution before sterilizing it.
    • Disconnect nozzle by pressing push-button and clean under running water or with an alcohol-based solution before sterilizing it.
    • Sterilize nozzle and body

    Before fitting body and nozzle, grease all visible seals with vaseline, after a proper sterilization.

    To avoid cross contamination between patients fit or remove sterile outer casing and nozzle taking care to avoid contact with hands or contaminated gloves.

    Nozzle cleaning
    If small holes on nozzle, where water and air get from, are clogged, proceed to clean them using the provided pin.

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